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What to Do When You Need to Tow Your Car?

tow trucks

After getting into a collision or because of a breakdown, you may need to call a tow truck. Here are some tips to consider when you need to have your vehicle towed.

1. Move your vehicle to a safe location

First and foremost, if you have had a breakdown or collision, always think safety first! If your vehicle is still driveable and it is safe to do so, move it as far to the right side of the road as possible. Then turn on your hazard lights and place cones around your vehicle to make oncoming traffic aware of the situation.

2. Determine whether your car is unsafe to drive

While your first thought might be to call a tow truck, your car might be OK to drive. If you are not injured and your vehicle isn’t leaking fluid or damaged to the point of being unsafe to drive, you may be able to drive yourself to the closest mechanic for further assessment. But always err on the side of caution and remember that the cost of a tow is nothing when weighed against the value of you and your loved ones' safety.

3. Identify your exact location

Before calling a tow truck, be sure you can provide an accurate description of your location. If you are in town, what is the closest intersection or landmark? If you are travelling between destinations, what highway are you on, and what direction and distance from the nearest town? Look around for street signs, exit signs, or other road markers to help explain your location.

4. Prepare your car for towing

If you were in an accident, make sure to take detailed photos of all vehicles involved and the accident scene, as well as documenting any other information that may be useful down the road. Afterward, remove any of your personal belongings from your vehicle, such as your phone, purse, or garage door opener.

5. Read the fine print

Once the tow truck has arrived, be sure to review the towing agreement with the driver prior to the service. You should receive a clear, itemized invoice detailing the costs. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, if any of the charges don’t make sense or were not communicated on the initial call you made for the tow.

6. Watch for scams

We have all heard stories of unscrupulous towing companies that promise unrealistically low prices or services that they can’t or just don’t deliver on. Therefore, you should always look for a reputable and established company serving your area. A BBB-accredited business and/or a BCAA-approved road service provider is a good starting point for choosing the right towing company to work with.

7. Does your vehicle insurance or manufacturer warranty cover a tow?

You may have opted for roadside assistance coverage with your vehicle insurance plan, or your vehicle manufacturer warranty (or extended warranty) may cover a tow in certain situations. It’s a good idea to check that, if possible, before calling the towing company.

For an established and reputable towing company, call Scrap King Auto Wrecking & Towing Ltd. Scrap King is a certified BCAA road service provider and ICBC-approved for towing in Creston, Salmo, Trail, and other communities in the Kootenays.


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