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Used Auto Parts

Used Auto Parts with 30-Day Warranty in Salmo and Creston


At Scrap King Auto Wrecking & Towing in Salmo and Creston, we sell used auto parts for makes and models of various cars. Our parts are taken from the cars we recycle and are checked and inspected before we sell them. We also have a 53-acre yard with more than 3,000 vehicles in stock. No matter what type of vehicle you own, domestic or imported, we are confident that you can find the part you need in our inventory. We also have an online inventory for you to choose from and can also offer to ship your products to your home. If we cannot find the part you need in our catalogue, we will be happy to initiate a free-of-cost search across Canada.

We have served all kinds of customers with reliable and quality services since 1997. From auto repair shops and collision repair centres to private individuals, they all come to us for a quality part. Remember that vehicle recycling helps us salvage quality auto parts that are in good condition and generally cost about 20 to 80 percent less than brand-new auto parts. Contact us to learn more about our used auto parts in Salmo.


30-Day Warranty on All Used Car Parts in Salmo


We have a large yard and a team who work on-site to dismantle all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles. We do our best to ensure our customers have access to the quality parts they need when they need them. All our used auto parts come with a 30-day warranty so you can have confidence in your purchase. We have been a reliable used auto part provider serving Salmo, Creston and the Kootenays for 25 years.

Call our experts in Salmo to discuss your specific requirements. We will do our best to source the part you need.


Salmo’s King of Used Auto Parts


We have used parts that are inspected and restored for all kinds of vehicles, irrespective of the make, model or origin. We offer parts for:

  • Auto
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Buses
  • Heavy-duty trucks


Get in touch with us to know how we can help you.

Types of Used Car Parts


Our wide selection of quality used parts include:

  • Batteries and battery equipment
  • Fuel pumps
  • Filters
  • Alternators
  • Starters
  • Lights
  • Body parts (doors, hoods, fenders, tailgates)
  • Glass (windshields, door glass)
  • And more


Contact us at our Salmo location if you are looking for a specific used vehicle part anywhere in the Kootenays or beyond. We also sell new commercial truck chains, especially for the winter months. We will deliver them to your doorstep if you need us to. Please don’t hesitate to call us!

Why Choose Used Auto Parts?


Are you on the fence about buying used auto parts? We invite you to consider the following benefits they offer:

  • Used auto parts are more affordable while providing the same functionality
  • Our used auto parts are in good condition and come with a 30-day warranty 
  • We have a large inventory of used auto parts, making it easy to find any part you require for your vehicle
  • Choosing used auto parts is better for the environment and reduces waste

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Used Auto Parts


We understand that buying used parts and components for your car can be a tricky decision. When you come to us, we will ensure that your purchased parts are in good condition. Here are some things to keep in mind while buying used auto parts:

  • Know the details of the parts you need
    It’s always advised for you to check the manual and look for the components that need to be replaced. When you bring it to our store, we will help you with any assistance you need to find a used auto part that matches your vehicle's specifications.

  • Buy from reputable sellers
    You can visit our used auto parts store in Salmo to see the product you are buying first-hand. Scrap King Auto Wrecking & Towing is a fully licensed and insured business with various professional recycling affiliations like the Tire Stewardship BC and the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada.

  • Go for warranty-backed products
    A warranty increases a buyer’s assurance and sense of security especially when used parts are in question. A supplier’s policy on returns and refunds is also an important consideration. We offer top-notch second-hand auto parts for all sorts of automobiles with a 30-day warranty.


By following the tips listed above, you can make sure you’re making the best decision. Speak with our experts in Salmo for all your auto part needs.


Get in Touch With Scrap King Auto Wrecking and Towing in Salmo and Creston


Contact our team to learn more about our inventory of used auto parts or to place an order at our Salmo location. We also provide 24/7 towing and auto recycling services throughout the Kootenays. For more information, have a look at our gallery. We also have some job openings for experienced and qualified technicians and mechanics in Salmo and Creston.


Looking for Used Auto Parts in Salmo?


With access to a range of vehicles that come to us for recycling, we are certain that we’ll find the part you need in our yard.

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