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5 Reasons to Recycle Your Old Car

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The average lifespan of a car in Canada is 15 years. If you have an old car, you may wonder what to do with it. Taking it to the landfill may be your first thought, but there's a much better alternative. Over 27 million cars outlive their useful lifespan every year. They're the most recycled consumer product in the world, producing over 25 million tons of reusable material. Read on for 5 convincing reasons to recycle a junk car.

1. Reduced Environmental Impact

Taking an old car to a landfill may cause toxic fluids to leak out, including gas, windshield wiper fluid, and anti-freeze. They pollute the soil and reach the air when they evaporate. This decreases the quality of the water and air. It also causes soil erosion that harms the local flora and fauna. Auto recycling is the best way to avoid both of these issues.

2. Freeing Up Space

The average Canadian’s vehicle sits unused 96% of the time. Those numbers increase even further for a junk car that never leaves a garage. Choosing to recycle your car saves you money on running costs and frees up space in your garage.

3. Saving Time

Listing old cars for sale is a tedious process. Taking them to the landfill may seem like the easiest, fastest alternative, but that's no longer true. They may not even accept it due to the toxic nature of its parts. The best alternative is to get your car recycled for its parts. Scrap King Auto Wrecking & Towing offers junk car removal services in the Kootenays to get your unwanted car off your property.

4. Earning Some Extra Cash

Recycling doesn't mean you can't earn some cash for your vehicle. Every part of it is valuable, from the steel of its body to the tires below. Choosing to recycle your old vehicle can earn you some extra cash or rebates for purchasing a new vehicle. Contact Scrap King Auto Wrecking & Towing to learn more about these government programs for auto recycling.

5. Reusing Materials

Approximately 80% of every vehicle is recyclable. This includes materials such as: • Tires • Wheels • Seats • Carpets • Oil filters • Batteries • Windshield glass • Steel • Iron • Radio • Radiators • Airbags • Catalytic converters • Transmissions • Mats All of these can be used to make new materials. Most other car materials become part of new vehicles. 25% of car bodies are made from recycled steel. Auto parts manufacturers can buy recycled materials for 20-80% less than new parts.

Where to Recycle a Junk Car

Recycling emerges as the fastest and most environmentally friendly way to get rid of an old junk car. It prevents toxic materials from leaking into the ground and reduces the need for steel manufacturing. Many parts of your vehicle can be reused and given a new life, and you can benefit with financial incentives. Contact Scrap King Auto Wrecking & Towing for auto recycling and towing services in Salmo and throughout the Kootenays.




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