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Why You Need Professional Licensed Towing Services

Scrap King Towing professional tow truck

Do you have a towing company number on your emergency contact list? Perhaps you think you don’t need one, but car breakdowns often strike when least expected. Imagine a dead battery while driving to a medical appointment. Or maybe a car breakdown at night on a lonely country road—scary, isn't it? In these situations, you need reputable towing services to come to your aid. Reaching out to inexperienced or unlicensed companies for help will only aggravate the situation, especially in an emergency. You need a towing company you can trust for swift roadside assistance anytime, anywhere. Here are some of the key reasons why you need a professional licensed towing company for emergencies and assistance in any roadside situation.

Professional Towing Services Have the Right Tow Trucks and Equipment

Are you aware that the size and type of vehicle determine the towing trucks to be used? Even when stranded, you want your vehicle to be handled with the utmost care. Only the right trucks and equipment in towing can deliver this. Reputable tow truck drivers use the right towing trucks and equipment to properly recover or transport your vehicle to the auto body shop. Check to confirm the towing service uses the right trucks and equipment to avoid damaging your vehicle.

They Have Knowledge and Experience in Towing Vehicles

A well-established towing company knows the best practices in the industry and offers top-notch services. Depending on the type and size of your vehicle, they will use the right equipment to hook up your car and fasten it securely on the tow truck. Licensed tow truck drivers also know the proper highway safety regulations to handle your vehicle in an accident or emergency. They also have the experience on hand to deal with each situation to tackle the toughest towing jobs and ensure your safety.

Rapid Response

When it comes to towing, time is of the essence. How long do you want to wait after contacting the towing service? The towing service should not only offer efficient and prompt towing services, but they should be available at all times when you need them. Without knowing when your car will break down next, the towing service must always be available to provide assistance. When you choose professional towing services, you don't have to worry about waiting long hours for help.

It's Time to Consider Hiring a Professional Licensed Towing Services

When stuck on the road, the towing service you contact will make all the difference. For fast, efficient, and professional roadside assistance, take time to find reliable towing services. Are you looking for a reliable towing service in the Kootenays? Scrap King Auto Wrecking & Towing Ltd. has you covered. We offer 24-hour emergency towing and roadside assistance services. Operating out of our two locations in Creston and Salmo, we serve the Kootenays with professional licensed towing services. Contact us now for towing services.



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