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5 Advantages of Buying Used Auto Parts

buying used auto parts

Over 80 percent of Canadians own a car, meaning there's a high demand for automobile replacement parts and repair services. While plenty of vendors offer auto parts, many are starting to look into the benefits of used auto parts. But why should you opt for used parts over new vehicle parts? What are the upsides of buying used car parts? That's what we're here to look at today. Read on to find out more about the five advantages of buying used auto parts.

1. Cheaper Costs

The low-hanging fruit for used auto parts is the reduced costs. If you shop around in most stores or online markets, you'll find that used parts are generally cheaper than those fresh out of the factory. Even third-party parts that you'll find in a lot of auto shops are still more expensive than used auto parts. This is especially the case if you own an older car with parts that are a lot harder to come by.

2. Part Availability

If you’re looking for used auto parts in Salmo or Creston, Scrap King Auto Wrecking & Towing has a large inventory sourced from the cars we recycle. We can also source parts from across Canada. We can also provide parts for all types of vehicles, from cars, trucks, vans, and buses. If you’re looking for parts, you can find a large selection for different makes and models at a used parts dealer.

3. Better Ecological Effects

Buying used auto parts has a positive effect on the environment. Manufacturing new parts take up a lot of resources and deplete the earth of a lot of valuable minerals. It also contributes to pollution. Furthermore, used parts that get thrown in junkyards or landfills also have negative effects on the environment. As such, used and refurbished parts lead to fewer resources used and reduce overall pollution.

4. Meets Proper Standards

Whether you're buying used brakes, batteries, or doors, you'll be safe in knowing that these parts meet industry standards. This means you'll reap the rewards of using parts that are up to specific manufacturing standards. You won't find any used auto parts that don't meet specific industry standards. At Scrap King Auto Wrecking & Towing we offer a 30-day warranty on all our used car parts so that you can shop with confidence.

5. Quality Parts in Good Condition

Some might assume that used parts mean that they're defunct or are substandard. In reality, used auto parts often work just as well despite having served another car. If you purchase your used parts from a reputable source, chances are you'll be satisfied with your investment. Only parts that are in good condition and suitable to be re-used are part of our inventory.

Find the Best Used Auto Parts Around

Buying used auto parts is a great way to reduce the cost of your automobile repairs and has plenty of other benefits to boot. Use this guide to help you decide whether or not buying used car parts is right for you! Are you looking for used car parts in Salmo or Creston? Scrap King Auto Wrecking & Towing has you covered. Contact us today to find the used car part you’re looking for or for towing services throughout the Kootenays.


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