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How Is Auto Recycling Good for the Environment?

Canada is one of the highest waste producers in the entire world.

There are many ways that Canadians can reduce waste and protect the ecosystem. One of those is auto recycling. Read on as we discuss how auto recycling protects the environment.

Auto Recycling Recycles Precious Metals

The steel and other metals that we extract from the earth are finite. At some point, they will run out, and we will have nothing else to replace them with. With vehicle recycling, we can reclaim some of that metal.

When a vehicle comes to the end of its time on the road, the metals and materials can be recycled and used again. Letting it rust away would be a waste when car recycling could turn it into new parts and components.

Plus, it takes a lot of energy to extract new metals. Recycled ones take far less energy to re-process. We burn fewer fossil fuels by re-processing recycled materials than by extracting new ones.

It Prevents the Leakage of Toxic Materials

While cars do contain precious, finite materials, they also have ones that are toxic. It is one of the biggest reasons to recycle a vehicle by utilizing the services of an auto recycling business that follows environmentally safe protocols.

Your wiper fluid, anti-freeze, gasoline, and motor oil are bad for the environment. Over time, they can leak into the ground, poisoning local flora and fauna. They can also seep into the water table, which eventually harms us as well.

Our recycling ensures that those toxic chemicals and other substances get proper disposal.

It May Have Spare Parts

When cars fail, they typically do so for major reasons like transmission or engine failure. They can also be written off because of an accident. In any case, there will usually be many parts that are still in good condition. Headlight lamps, spark plugs, tires, batteries, catalytic converters, and more are salvageable from the average vehicle.

Once the usable parts are extracted from the vehicle, it is then crushed and shipped to a location where the steel can be recycled and used again.

Get Your Car Recycled Today

Auto recycling is a great way to fight climate change and protect the environment. For starters, we can recycle a large portion of the average vehicle and use those materials again for something else. We can prevent its toxic fluids from leaking out and salvage spare parts to use in other vehicles.

Scrap King Auto Wrecking & Towing in Salmo is your source for towing auto recycling. Visit us here and find out how you can recycle your old wreck.


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